Countdown to Planting


Mitch Altermatt is kicking off our new series Countdown to Planting!  Make sure you don't miss one week!


Week 1 // Tire Scaling

Jeff Nelson at the Lafayette Shop is going through ways that tire scaling can ultimately put money back into your pocket! 

PROMOTION: Take $50 off your tire scaling if you call between now (1/31/2018) and February 28th, 2018!


Week 2 // Spring Oil Sale & Contracting Fuel

We're back for Week #2 of Countdown to Planting! Here to talk about the Spring Oil sale is Merle Bohlin, Energy Sales with UFC. To take advantage of these special deals, contact Mark in Gaylord at 507-237-2281 or Tim and Merle in Klossner at 507-232-5450!

PROMOTION: If you get your oil delivered in the month of February you'll recieve a $50 giftcard!

Merle Bohlin, Energy Sales out of our Klossner location, is talking about contracting your fuel and our tank monitoring program! If you have questions, contact Mark in Gaylord at 507-237-2281 or Tim and Merle in Klossner at 507-232-5450!


Week 3 // Getting your Planter Ready

Jason Ries is going over everything to check to make sure your planter is ready to go! Want to listen to Jason talk about this topic more in depth? Listen to this Planting Profits episode with Jason!…/planting-profits-now-is-the-perfec…

If you call Jason now through April 1st, he will put 2 meters on the stand and test them, free of charge! Call Jason today at 507-276-4247


Week 4 // Live with Brett, Jason & Jesse

Join Jason Ries & Brett Amberg LIVE as they go through topics on getting your precision equipment set up for a successful spring. 

Topics Include:

-Inputting correct and consistent information while setting up your monitors for spring
-Making and loading seed prescriptions
-Importance of tracking hybrids and trials
-Starter fertilizer options
-Nitrogen management and in season modeling
-Variable rate options for soybeans
-Firmware updates for Precision Planting and Ag Leader monitors
-Planter Q & A