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United Natural Gas (UNG) is a natural gas distribution company based out of Winthrop, MN.  We are committed to providing natural gas to communities where it was not previously available.  Check out below to see if you are in one of the communities we serve!  It's easy to make the switch over to natural gas, it starts with giving us a call!  If you want more information on how to switch to natural gas, find out all the steps below!  We're small, local, and we care about the people we serve.

Toll Free: 888-832-5734



24-Hour Emergency Phone Number

Or Toll Free 888-832-5734


Efficient, Economical, and Reliable

Pay only for the gas you use. By switching to natural gas you could save 20-30% on your heating costs. Natural gas is piped underground, abundant, and domestically produced.

  • Safe - Cleanest burning fossil fuel
  • Affordable and professional installation
  • Pay only for the gas you use
  • Eye pleasing - no bulky tanks

How Do I Make the Switch?

Making the switch to natural gas is easy; simply follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Give us a call 
    A customer specialist is available to give you important information about switching to natural gas.  Call us toll-free at 888-832-5734
  2. Make an appointment
    We will schedule an appointment for you to meet with our salesman.  He will design your service and give you a quote on the cost of installation.  Pre-payment is required so please bring your checkbook to the appointment.  
  3. Contact a plumbing and heating contractor
    You will want to get a quote(s) on the cost to either convert or buy new appliances.
  4. Locate private utilities
    Be ready to point out any private utilities such as invisible dog fences or sprinkler systems.  If you need assistance, please refer to www.gopherstateonecall.org for a list of locating companies.  
  5. Contact your current fuel supplier - If you are currently heating with propane and you have decided to switch to natural gas be sure to contact your supplier and ask them about their pump out and removal process or ask your UNG representative about options.
  6. Watch for the crews
    Once you have signed up for the service you will be put on the schedule of installation.


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United Natural Gas services areas of Nicollet, Brown and Redwood Counties. Please call us to find out if you are interested in finding more information and if you are located within our service area.

Below are mapped out areas of the pipeline and areas available for service.

UNG Distribution Area
Lafayette Community

Courtland Community


Safety is our priority. Please read through the following three items and call with any questions you may have.

Customer Owned Piping

United Natural Gas (UNG) is required to notify our customers that customer owned piping that runs from the gas meter to gas running appliances or buildings is not maintained by UNG.  If buried customer owned piping is not maintained, potential hazards such as corrosion can occur.  
It is the responsibility of the customer to maintain customer owned piping by performing these steps:

  • Periodically inspect for leaks.
  • Periodically inspect for corrosion if the piping is metallic.
  • Repair any unsafe condition if discovered.

Contact your HVAC contractor to have your lines inspected and maintained.  Remember to have your customer owned service line or pipe located prior to doing any excavating or digging.  United Natural Gas does not locate any private, customer owned lines.

For a list of private locating companies please visit:  www.gopherstateonecall.org


Merle Bohlin


Josh Fischer


Mike Hulke


Snow Ice Removal Required

As you are aware, a field technician reads and inspects your meter monthly to provide you with accurate billing of natural gas consumed.  While your meter is designed to withstand winter weather; heavy or hard packed snow and ice on your meter can be a safety hazard.
Costumers should:

  • Maintain a clear path to and from the meter to allow safe access in the event of an emergency and for the safety of your meter reader.
  • Carefully shovel around the meter.  Do not use your snow blower near the meter or piping.
  • Gently remove snow or ice by hand from the gas meter and any associated piping.  Avoid using any sharp tools or shovels on or near your meter.
  • Check to ensure that melting snow or ice is not dripping on the meter from the roof, which can plug the gas meter regulator vent.

By following these safety steps, you can avoid having a plugged meter regulator vent which can lead to a potentially hazardous natural gas pressure build up condition.


You must contact Gopher State One Call at least 2 business days before you plan to dig.  Your underground utility lines will be marked free of charge to prevent damage or interruption of service!


For some customers, it is difficult to pay their utility bills in the winter. The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission set up the Cold Weather Rule to protect residential customers from shut-off if they cannot pay their bills in full. This protection lasts from October 15 through April 15. You may qualify for the protection if you meet both conditions:

The disconnection would affect your main heating source, and You:

If your service has already been shut off as of October 15, the Cold Weather Rule offers a Reconnection Plan, which may allow you to have your service turned back on. The Cold Weather Rule does not totally forbid winter shut off. If you receive a shut off notice this winter, you must act promptly. 


Secure Payment Plan

The Secure Payment Plan runs for 12 months August 1st to July 31st.  Your monthly Secure Payment Plan payment is based on your estimate usage of Natural Gas.  Together we will evaluate your Secure Payment Plan at the end of the season to determine if an adjustment needs to be made.

Your first Secure Payment Plan payment will be due August 25th and continue to be due on the 25th of every month through July.  If there is a balance that goes beyond the Secure Payment Plan timeframe your plan will be adjusted to accommodate the balance or if you so choose to not participate the following year your balance will be due in full with your August statement.  By participating in the Secure Payment Plan Program, you will not have to be worried about the swings in usage from month to month.

ACH Payment

United Natural Gas, LLC a wholly owned division of United Farmers Cooperative (UFC) utilizes ACH – the convenient way to pay your account (statement balance).  ACH will move money automatically from your bank account to pay your account balance on the date that it is due.  All Natural Gas usage will be deducted from your account on the 25th of the month.

Complete the form below, attach a voided check and return it to the Main Office (Winthrop).  Your statement will automatically reflect any invoices that were withdrawn from your account.

This will remain in effect until we receive written authorization from you to change or cancel the ACH payment.  Remember that anytime a change in bank accounts is made, a new form must be completed.

Secure Payment Plan Request Form

Fill out the form below to request a secure payment plan.
Can we email you a Docusign form?:

You would be able to electronically sign a payment plan agreement for a determined price

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