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With you from the seed order to the grain bin

We're Data Driven

You may call us data junkies, but we love to talk about all things data when it comes to Agronomy. We know where to put your seed because we know your operation. We understand the characteristics of your farm; from fertility to drainage, yield-ability to rotation. We can put it all together for you to formulate a plan for success. All of this is done together with your Field Sales Agronomist (FSA), who is equipped with all the information and tools needed to make it happen. We even have our own precision platform called United Insight, which we use to streamline the process.

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We're Committed

We understand that, in this industry, the hours are long and the hurdles can be tall. Our team is committed to doing what we can to support your success. After 5PM, like clockwork, you always need the last two bags of corn to finish planting before the rain. Communication is key, give your FSA a call and they will make every effort to satisfy your needs. Did you open the next field of corn on a Saturday night to find out that it was blown down by a late wind storm? We will come out to ride with you to analyze the cause and provide a solution to limit the risk of it happening next year. We're here with you from the seed order to the grain bin!

We Have Options

We have 7 premier seed brands with proven hybrids that perform. We can match each of your fields with management solutions that will provide the highest opportunity for success.  We know that you have many options on where to buy your seed. Please consider the value that UFC brings to your whole farm. We pride ourselves on offering service beyond the sale. We have a full range of tools to help you monitor and manage your fields as well as data to reassure your decisions. Our knowledge and experience is what positions us to best help you succeed!

Check out our Field Sales Agronomist Favorite hybrids and varieties!

Croplan 3899VT2P

Mark Hoekstra (Brownton) & Laray Sandquist (Winthrop)

What makes it your favorite?
  • Mark Hoekstra - "It is a yield MONSTER as well as being versatile."
  • Laray Sandquist - "It's consistently high yielding over a range of geographic ares.  It's an early hybrid that dries down crazy fast, plus has strong stalks and roots."
Personal Story/Testament:
  • Mark Hoekstra - "Over the course of its lifetime I have seen it win in many plots and trials as well as perform consistently in varies fields."
  • Laray Sandquist - "Several customers that have had tremendous success with 3899 VT2 over the last couple of years.  This hybrid has out yielded later maturity hybrids and comes in dryer by 2% moisture points consistently"

Croplan 4188SS RIB

Jim Ebbers (Hector)

What makes it your favorite?
  • "Utilizing the latest advanced technology of RHS (Roundup Hybrid Sterilization" Croplan has been able to use more of their advanced female hybrids to enhance this variety.  This variety has very impressive flex especially in girth, which will fit in different populations and can be planted in more variable environments."
Personal Story/Testament:
  • "With this being a new variety, I have experienced it only in test plots, but it has looked good across all answer plots.  It has a very impressive girthy ear with a 20-22 around average along with a 36-long kernel count.  This 101-day hybrid looks to be a must have on all farms."


Troy Altmann (Lafayette)

What makes it your favorite?
  • "It's a stable hybrid that does well in lower productive ground.  So, when looking at a whole farm approach of hybrid selection, with 3909, there is a great option to go after high yields on acres that sometimes get looked past because they don't usually perform the best.  It's easy management with 3909 as well.  Average amount of N, at 35,000 population, and data proven yield increase with a fungicide application."
Personal Story/Testament:
  • "In a situation where a racehorse hybrid that needs high management fell apart because it was on some acres of lower productive soils and wasn't managed properly, so 3909 was put in place of that other hybrid and after harvest that year 3909 was running right with the high management hybrids on the higher productivity acres."

RX 1827

Pat Schaffer

What makes it your favorite?
  • "This bean has a great defensive package against both While Mold and IDC and doesn't drop in yield potential.  Covers all acres"
Personal Story/Testament:
  • "This bean is a very skinny upright bean and stays upright through the season.  Not worried about late season lodging with this bean.  It packs a great yield punch and looks healthy thought the year!"

Croplan 1187

Bob Wilkinson (Norseland)

What makes it your favorite?
  • "One of the best soybeans on the market for IDC and White Mold tolerance"
Personal Story/Testiment:
  • "What I have seen in the answer plots it is one of the top soybeans"

Dekalb 53-56

Kyle Becker (Hector)

What makes it your favorite?
  • "It is a stable product that performs well across a variety of soils"
Personal Story/Testiment:
  • "It was the top yield hybrid for a local group that plants 5-6 dekalb hybrids every year"

Dekalb 54-38 SS

Chad Mattes (Le Sueur)

What makes it your favorite?
  • "Fast of out the ground, great roots & stalks.  It handles variable soils and yields well in both high and low management zones"
Personal Story/Testament:
  • "In 2018, we had a lot of stalk integrity issues in most every hybrid sold in our territory.  With that being said, when my customers got into this hybrid, they all were amazed at the standability and of course the yield."

Asgrow 17X8

Ryan Hoffmann (Lafayette)

What makes it your favorite?
  • "You can depend on this bean in any type of soil.  It has a great package that backs it up."
Personal Story/Testament:
  • "In the growing season of 2017, we had a bad White Mold problem.  Well in our trade area we also have IDC.  This bean stuck it out to me across the countryside because it could tolerate While Mold and IDC soils.  With another White Mold year approaching in 2019, the AG 17X8 should be a high priority soybean on every farm."

NK 20-J5X

Dan Miller (Lafayette)

What makes it your favorite?
  • "It's a great top-end yield soybean that is the standard for White Mold.  If you know White Mold is an issue you can plant this bean with ease."
Personal Story/Testiment:
  • "I've been selling 20-J5X and its RR2 version for five years and it's always been my go-to soybean for White Mold, never disappointing"

Dekalb 55-53

Brett Amberg (Winthrop)

What makes it your favorite?
  • "It has very good agronomics and carries the Disease Shield package, but still has the same yield potential.  It's common for a hybrid with such an elite defense package to give up that top end yield, but this hybrid most definitely does not.  You're getting the best of both worlds!"
Personal Story/Testament:
  • "This is a brand-new hybrid for 2019 that was only in answer plots last year.  It absolutely crushed it.  Looking at plot results this hybrid was consistently at the very top across all locations and maturities.  With the disease shield package, it also allows it to be a safe play in any environment."

Dekalb 51-38

Matt Ditsch (Hamburg)

What makes it your favorite?
  • "It has good top-end yield when placed on non-variable productive soils."
Personal Story/Testament:
  • "It has good late season intactness for 2018 and yielded well on the growers most productive fields."