United Insight is UFC’s branded, in house precision ag program that was created to help you maximize production across your farm. The vast improvements in technology have allowed you to capture advancements in equipment operations, data collection and management processes. The data you collect from your fields has much more potential than to produce a map. An in-depth comprehensive understanding of your data will assist you in making more informed decisions with your inputs and help decide which products are increasing the profit of your operation.

There are three areas of focus of our program:

  1. How can UFC help growers manage each acre of their land based on its potential
    UFC has developed a season long management program within United Insight to help you manage every acre and increase production potential. By layering the available data our precision agronomy team will be able to prescribe management recommendations for each acre to help it reach its full potential. We will review planting data, fertilizer applications, soil test levels, soil EC, yield data, and any other layers you may have available. These layers will help diagnose why an area of the field may be performing like it is. UFC’s agronomy team will recommend variable rate applications for fertilizer, lime, seed, and other crop nutrient and protection products based on the findings of your data analysis. This will help maximize your inputs and ensure that the right rate is applied on the right acre to maximize the best return.

  2. How can UFC incorporate the collected data to make an informed decision
    When planning for the next growing season, many farmers are wondering which hybrids and varieties they should plant and what fertilizers to apply and at what rate. With a program like United Insight, UFC will be able to provide you with insights on what those answers might be. The data you share will allow UFC’s precision agronomy team analyze and report on how each product, product rate, and practice performed on your farm. The data can be looked at on a field by field basis or from a farm level view. UFC will also compile the data from all the growers in the United Insight program to evaluate how things performed on a larger scale. The most important points of the data collection process is the data belongs to you and all data remains anonymous. The value to you is that you will be able to see how a product or application performed locally across potentially thousands of acres and compare that to how it performed across your farm or in your local plot.

  3. How can UFC use in-season management to detect and assess crop health issues
    The goal of in-season management is to detect a problem before it becomes too serious to fix or to keep you from encountering an unexpected surprise during harvest. By using NDVI in-season imagery, plant tissue testing, and in-season product applications we are making sure your plants are healthy from planting until harvest. UFC will also provide scouting reports with information such as stand counts, weed/insect/disease pressure and identification, and an action plan to combat those issues.