Besides offering quality CENEX Refined Fuels, Lubricants and Propane, the UFC Energy Department can supply you with the Equipment and Information necessary to manage your Energy needs.  Including the proper sizing of your storage tanks so you have enough Refined Fuels or Propane when you need them. We will also assist you in managing risk by providing opportunities to lock in a profit by buying your Energy products ahead of time.  Service, to UFC, means delivering products in a timely manner and performing leak-tests on propane systems, as well as providing information to our customers so they can stay current with the markets, cutting-edge technology being developed and programs to farm more acres per gallon.

Darv Turbes

Vice President of Energy


UFC’s Energy Department offers several payment plan options so that you can have the equipment you need in place and not have to use capital to get it done. If you are looking for an LP tank, whether 500 gallons or 30,000 gallons, we have options for you. Same goes for fuel barrels. Whether it is 560’s or 10,000 gallon, single wall or double wall, we can help you.


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Clean & reliable fuel options

UFC’s energy department handles a full line of quality Cenex products to serve all the needs of our customers. We offer contracting options to all our customers. Equipment is critical to your operations and UFC has access to about anything you need to run your business.

Bulk Cenex Fuels and Bulk Cenex Oil delivery

Fuel tanks - all sizes, buy or lease

Scheduled delivery

Service repair and maintenance

Bulk fuels offered:

  • CENEX Ruby Fieldmaster Off Road
  • CENEX Roadmaster XL Highway Diesel Fuel
  • Bio-Diesel (B5-B20) capability to blend different levels of bio
  • Farm Gas, Highway Gas
  • Kerosene
  • #1 and #2 Heating Oil
  • Wintermaster Diesel

Cenex Premium Fieldmaster and Roadmaster XL

  • Cenex additives are precisely metered into the fuel at the terminal, not just poured into the top of the tank
  • Improves fuel economy by as much as 5%
  • Increases power by up to 4.5%
  • Boosts lubricity by 10-15%
  • Extends life of injectors and injector pumps
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Has a higher Cetane number (typically 48) for easier starts
  • Helps prevent injector fouling in 2007 and newer units

Lubricants offered:​

UFC is proud to offer Cenex lubricants including; Diesel and Gasoline Engine Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Gear Oils and Greases. These Oils will keep your engines and hydraulics running smoothly and provide superior protection to over worked and loadbearing equipment. Use the Cenex’s Equipment Lookup feature to learn which lubricants are recommended for your equipment.

We also have the ability to special order specialty oils or greases to fulfill our customer’s needs.


Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

UFC offers many options in DEF for all our customers, whether they need one gallon containers or 275 gallon totes. Check out our exchange programs, lease programs or purchase options on shuttle totes and pumps.
  • Open or closed systems
  • Container sizes
    • 275, 135, 100, 55, 2.5’s or 1
    • Special orders are available
  • Pumps
    • 110V, 12V or hand pumps


UFC’s Energy Department offers contracting options to home heat customers, ag customers, and commercial customers to lock in energy prices and provide the best rates for our patrons. Supply and safety is important to us at UFC so we will check your system to ensure they are working properly and sized efficiently. We offer Propane programs so that you can protect the cost of your LP at any time you feel the market is right, whether booking or prepay it is available.

Tank Programs

We have a range of tank sizes to fit your needs ranging from 120 gallons to 1,000 gallons new and used. You can either lease the storage tank or purchase the tank outright or on our lease to own program. For larger volume users whether it would be grain drying, livestock or commercial we also have a purchase program for tanks ranging in size from 12,000 to 30,000 gallons.

Scheduled Delivery

With scheduled delivery, your tank will be filled on a regular route with our bobtail to maximize efficient deliveries. We still ask that you check your tank periodically and call if your tank is at 20% or below.

Service Personnel

We have full-time service personnel to take care of general heater repairs, tank installation, and barn piping.  We also sell and install garage, shop, and barn heaters.
  • LBW Agriculture Heaters
  • Hot Dawg Garage Heaters
  • Re-Verber-Ray Infared Heaters
  • Empire Comfort Systems

Secure Payment Plan

Secure payment plan offers you a great way to protect yourself on the price of propane. Monthly payments will help avoid large out-of-pocket expense when your tank is filled or when it comes time to prepay gas.
Fill out the form below to request to get on a Secure Payment Plan!

Can we email you a Docusign form?:

You would be able to electronically sign a payment plan agreement for a determined price


UFC has seven United Xpress convenience store locations and two United Xpress pay at the pump locations within our trade territory. In addition to a full line of Cenex brand gasoline and diesel fuels at all locations; we have a complete offering of convenience store items as well. Full Fresh Deli is available at four of the seven United Xpress locations and two convenience store locations having hot grab and go items. United Xpress is part of UFC, with our Co-op Cash card which offers our patrons 5 cents off every gallon of gas and diesel purchased using the card. United Xpress allows you to shop locally and support your cooperative!

Products and services

  • Cenex gas and fuel products
  • Full line deli's
  • 20# propane cylinder exchange
  • Complete line of United Xpress C-Store items
  • 24/7 pay at the pump 


Co-op Cash Loyalty Card

  • UFC has full transitioned to the new Co-op Cash Card as of May 2015!  Earn 5 cents off each gallon of fuel purchased when you use your Co-op Cash Card to charge to your UFC Account
  • New member? Visit a United Xpress to apply for a new Co-op Cash Card!


Sales Staff

Doug Lund

Energy Sales & Marketing Manager

Merle Bohlin

Energy Sales & Service

Zac Kuehn

Energy Operations Manager

Scott Trebelhorn

Wholesale Marketing Specialist

Service Techs

Josh Fischer

Gas Service Technician

Mike Hulke

Lead Gas Service Technician

Jesse Mathews

Waconia Operations Manager

Bruce Rhode

Gas Service Technician


Accounting & Customer Service

Tony Kammerlander

Energy Accounting Manager
507-647-6606 ext 6753

Ruth Domeier

Energy Account Lead

Joni Hedtke

Waconia Energy Assistant

Andrea Helget

Energy Accountant

Cindy Kuehn-Gleason

Energy Accountant
507-647-6606 ext 6769