About Us

As a cooperative, we were created by and made up of our member owners. Each individual farm and family is the foundation of what makes up our cooperative.

About Us

It started back in 1915 when farmers united to achieve better milk prices.  Lafayette Co-op Creamery started with just 2 employees.  Today, United Farmers Cooperative has grown to over 300 full time employees.  That number grows to over 500 with our valued part time and seasonal employees. 

Our membership has grown as well.  From that first group of dairy farmers to our membership now, many legacy's of local cooperatives have united together to serve our agriculture communities.  We are proud of our rich history and deep roots. 

Our vision is to supply our customers with technology, products, and services in a manner that is extraordinary enough to add value to their lives.

People...Pride...Purpose... Since 1915


2018 Dare to Soar Winners

Justin Rettman, Luke Dinse, Ryan Hoffmann, Heidi Portner, Jennifer Wendinger, and Elaine Mickelson (Rookie of the Year) 

The purpose of the Dare to Soar program is to recognize people who consistently go above and beyond to exceed customer expectations, while at the same time maintaining a positive team attitude through words, actions and work ethics.

Years of Service

Every year we have the privilege of spotlighting our employees through our years of service program.  At our annual awards banquet we highlight employees who have acheived milestone anniversaries and give them a token of our appreciation.  From one year to forty-five years and honoring our retiree's, its an amazing progrm.  It is an honor to gather so many of our employees all together in one location for our awards banquet and get the chance to get to know them better.  We also feature our location awards for Ag Location of the Year, Retail Location of the Year, and Most Improved Location.  


UFC is invested in creating a positive safety culture for every employee across all locations.  Safety culture is acheived when people start thinking of it as a daily practice and not just a set of rules and guidelines to follow.  Our Soar to Safety program and fun activities like safety week, help us promote safety culture across UFC.

Soar to Safety is UFC's safety program that concentrates on reinforcing positive behavior of those working safely around us.  We have representatives from across divisions and locations that meet monthly to review and continue to improve our safety efforts.

Every year at the end of July, we host a safety week at UFC.  We kick off the week wearing our safety shirts with the years theme and host an employee and family picnic on Monday nights with different health screening and wellness activities to participate in.  Each remaing day has its own safety topic that promote safety at both work and home!

Credit Applications

Want to become a Patron here at United Farmers Cooperative? Fill out one of our credit applications. Our account manager will look at it and determine if you meet our requirements. Once you become a patron, you will get more than just patronage, you will also receive a Coop Cash Card to use at any of our United Express locations. This card will get you 5 cents off of every gallon of gas purchased! Just make sure to use your Coop Cash card when paying for your fuel!

If you have any questions about the application, call Geoff Lemke at 507-647-6606 Ext #: 6752

Credit Apps

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