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Farm Chemical Safety

Jun 01, 2020

There are many chemicals used on the farm and some of them can be dangerous.  Agricultural chemicals include but are not limited to:  pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fuels.  Exposure to chemicals can lead to many different health concerns.

     Follow these simple tips when handling and storing Agricultural chemicals:

  1. Always follow manufacturer's instructions for use, storage and disposal of chemicals.

  2. Keep all chemicals locked and out of reach for children.

  3. Wear appropriate protective gear while handling (specified on SDS and Product label)

  4. Always wash hands carefully after handling chemicals.

  5. Remove soiled clothing before entering your home.

  6. Know where to locate product information. (SDS-Safety Data Sheet & product label) in case of emergency.

These are just a few tips on agricultural chemical safety.  Please stay safe, stay healthy and have a great summer.

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