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Looking Ahead: 2021 Fertilizer

Jun 30, 2020

Now that your crops are in, it’s time to start planning your 2021 fertilizer needs. We encourage you to be thinking about your operation, your rotational plans and your fertilizer needs. Having this info prepared will help to make sure you and your Field Sales Agronomist can take advantage of any early purchasing opportunities that present themselves for the 2021 growing season. This will allow for a solid start to a profitable year to come for your operation. You can expect to hear from your Field Sales Agronomist early this summer about your 2021 crop nutrient needs and how we can help you source those needs in a timely and valuable manner.

Soil testing is an important part of planning an effective fertilizer program. Understanding the nutrient levels in your soil will help you plan an efficient fertilizer strategy, which can help you reduce costs without compromising your yield. If you don’t have time to do this on your own, please contact your UFC sales agronomist; they are happy to assist you! 

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