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Three Advantages of Applying Early Season Fungicide

Jun 30, 2020

You’ve already made the investment, now it’s time to protect it with an early season fungicide. Plant health is key to growing a successful corn crop. One key part factor in that is preventing diseases before they become a yield limiting factor is applying a quality fungicide in a timely manner. When should you apply a fungicide? In our area, we recommend applying an early season fungicide, such as Delaro, after the crop has penetrated the soil. Delaro, provides broad-spectrum disease control to help maximize yield and profit potential in corn and soybeans by protecting your crop from key diseases. What are the advantages of applying an early season fungicide?

1. Better coverage. Once the plant gets bigger it is more difficult to get coverage down to the bottom of the plant. There are some diseases such as grey left spot and northern corn leaf blight that can start very low on the plant and work their way up, so it’s important to catch them early. Applying an early season fungicide can help mitigate this issue.

2. Lower rate. In early easy, plants are small which means you can typically get away with a low application rate which is typically more economical. If you wait until the plan is larger and near tassel, you will have to use the full rate to get the best coverage.

3. Improved Plant Health. Delaro promotes healthy, dark green leaves for improved photosynthesis and increases plant stress resistance to utilize the full genetic potential and yield of your seed. Giving your crop this extra, nutritious boost early on in the season may help increase your yield and ROI.

United Farmers Coop is proud to offer Delaro and a number of other fungicides. For pricing and more information contact our agronomy team at 507.647.6600.

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