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How to Make your Seed Decision for 2020

Aug 30, 2019

First thing being just our 2020 seed decision making process and what goes into that, whether it's corn or soybeans.

2019 Fantasy Seed Team Draft

Aug 22, 2019

The 2019 Fantasy Seed Draft has arrived! You don't want to miss the line ups!

FMT, FFT and current events

Jul 10, 2019

Kaite Henk is talking with Jesse about the tools from Winfield United and how they can help manage your fields in-season

Should you plant soybeans first? Part 2 with Corey Evans

Apr 03, 2019

So again, Corey Evans here with us part one of this episode podcast series, we talked mainly on corn. This time, it's all going to be about soybeans.

Flat vs Round Seed, Emergence and Vigor part 1 with Corey Evans

Mar 27, 2019

Today we want to talk a little bit about seed sizes, as there's been some questions in the countryside, as well as seed treatments.

Ryan Mackenthun - First Ever Listener

Mar 20, 2019

We've got Ryan Mackenthun here with us today, he's a grower in the Brownton area that UFC works with.

Seed Treatment with Jon Zuk and Jason Nelson

Mar 13, 2019

Jason and Jon from Winfield are back on the podcast, but for the first time together!  They're talking all the important reason to use seed treatments on your beans this spring AND what you can do about sticky beans.

Getting the Equipment Ready with Justin Rettmann

Mar 06, 2019

We've got one of our applicators on the podcast today, Justin Rettmann, to talk about what it takes to run all our big machines as well as accurately and responsibly use fertilizer, chemicals, and anhydrous.

Adjuvants with Jon Zuk

Feb 27, 2019

When we look at the dollars we're investing on a per acre basis and in our spray systems, whether that's a post pass in corn or post past in soybeans, some of those passes can get pretty expensive with the chemistries were using. To me the biggest thing is to use the correct adjuvants with the chemistry you're using in order to maximize the effectiveness of that active ingredient.

Jason Portner from Precision Planting and Jason Ries

Feb 20, 2019

Jason Portner from Precision Planting is talking with Jason Ries and Jesse Wiant, making sure that your planter is ready to go for the spring season. 

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