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2019 Grain Harvest Policies

Sep 23, 2019

Commercial Storage:    

  • 10 cent minimum/ 60 days both corn and beans.  After 60 days then $0.05 /month
Delayed Price Contracts:             
  • 8 cent minimum/ 60 days both Corn and Soybeans.  After 60 days, then $0.04/month (title passes to UFC)

*No free time.
*Storage calculations are prorated daily after the initial 60 days.
**Any grain left on storage for over one year will have a storage rate of $0.06/month.  Any grain left on Delayed Price over one year will increase to $0.05/month.
Corn Moisture Limits:                 
  • Commercial Storage and Delayed Price 14%      
  • Cash or Contract 15%
 *Corn Drying will remain at $0.045/point of moisture with a 1.4% shrink.                               
**Moisture discounts and shrink will be calculated to each 1/10th of a point.
Soybean Moisture Limits:    
  • Moisture discounts start at 13.1%.  Soybean moisture discounts will be 1% of the price each .5 point of moisture over 13% to 14%.  From 14% to 16% discounts will be 2% of the price each .5 point of moisture.  From 16% to 18% discounts will be 3% of the price each .5 point of moisture or subject to rejection.

*There will be no averaging of grades for Corn or Soybeans
Load Out Fee:
Any grain taken out of storage will be charged a $0.15 load out fee

Custom Dried Corn:                       
$0.15 load out fee for custom dried corn. 

Custom Dried Corn must be loaded out in 5 days or full storage will be assessed on those bushels from date of delivery.
See discount schedules for Corn and Soybean discounts

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