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How Can Aspire Improve Your Crop?

May 12, 2020

When it comes to all the variables involved in farming, we know that we must
separate those things that we can affect vs. the variables we cannot affect. When we
look beyond weather at the variables that we can control, we find that as much as 60%
of yield is dependent on nutrients in the soil. In other words, investments in seed
technology and traits are sound practices, but if we haven’t taken care of our soil that
those seeds are planted into, we are limiting our yield potential. Soil is a reservoir or fuel
tank for crop nutrients. Like preparing for a long trip, it is important to continually monitor
and replenish this tank to achieve maximum yield.

Boron is a micronutrient that tends to get overlooked as it isn’t one of the big 3 N-
P-K. However, globally boron is the second most widespread micronutrient deficiency
after zinc. Boron is essential in cell wall formation and important in reproductive growth.
Boron is extremely slippery in the soil meaning it can leach readily as it has a neutral
charge and does not attach to OM or clay particles. Boron in the plant is a tough nutrient
for the plants to regulate as they need such little amounts and the difference between
sufficient and toxic is not wide. Most crops including corn and soybeans cannot
redistribute boron in the plant meaning it is phloem immobile. These phloem immobile
crops are sensitive to even short-term deficiency. Low use rates with granular B result in
segregation during blending, transport, and application in blends.
How do we combat this? Aspire fertilizer is the easiest way to have season-long
boron availability. Aspire is a premium potassium fertilizer enhanced with boron. It is
derived from potash and two forms of boron are add to each granule including sodium
borate which is readily available and calcium borate which gives a season long boron
source. With every granule having the same analysis, the boron distribution is more
uniform than trying to create your own blend giving growers a more efficient nutrient
delivery system.

Boron micronutrient needs are great today than ever before because of
increased crop demand and removal. Aspire with boron improves manage-ability of B
due to uniform nutrient distribution. The net result is improved production in corn leading
to increased profits for growers.

How Can Aspire Improve Your Crop?

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