Optimizing Nutrient Uptake

May 21, 2018
Ryan Ponwith
Master Field Sales Agronomist
Zinc tends to be most commonly deficient in corn. Are you identifying plant nutrient levels to tackle yield limiting factors? Data from tissue samples pulled in 2017 show that 86% of corn samples were deficient or responsive to zinc between V4 and V6.
To ensure you are optimizing corn yield this year, you may need multiple applications of zinc to obtain full yield potential. Based on several years of tissue sample data, we have found that zinc deficiency can limit yield. Max-In® Zinc and Max-In® Ultra ZMB® are both very effective in increasing zinc in corn. In addition, you’ll want to ensure you get the maximum uptake of product. The proprietary Max-In® product line is powered by CornSorb™ technology. CornSorb aids in droplet spread and keeping spray droplets wetter for longer, research has shown this drives up to 50% more nutrients through the waxy leaf cuticle into plant cells.

Contact your local Field Sales Agronomist at UFC to take your fertility plan to the next level, discuss tissue sampling, or book Max-In® Zinc for 2018.