Target Fungicide Applications to the Right Hybrids

The yield potential of a bag of seed has many factors that contribute to the overall result. In addition to seed, fertilizer and herbicides, fungicides are another tool that can help you optimize the yield potential of your corn crop. 

Research from the 2016 Answer Plot® Trials showed that response to fungicide scores pinpoint yield advantages from fungicide applications. 2016 UFC United Insight data showed a 13.10 BU/A advantage across all acres of a leading local hybrid with high response to fungicide (RTF) when treated with an in-season fungicide application.

Nationwide all High RTF Hybrids saw an 18.52 BU/A Advantage while Low RTF Hybrids saw a 6.96 BU/A Advantage. RTF scores accurately predict the effectiveness of fungicide applications based on local data plots like the Le Sueur Answer Plot.

Fungicide applications can increase yield in corn across a range of local hybrids.

The RTF score provides you with a plan for in-season management by understanding which hybrids benefit the most from protection against fungal diseases and rust. Understanding the genetic response to fungicide treatments helps you determine where fungicides can increase yield potential and where they will be economically beneficial.

Stay tuned for additional Answer Plot® insights in the coming weeks on in-season application in soybean as well.

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