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Think all Micronutrient Products are equal?


May 3, 2018
Ryan Ponwith
Master Field Sales Agronomist
Neglecting to manage micronutrients will keep your crop from realizing its full potential, and although micronutrients are required in very small quantities in the plant, missing out on their availability at crucial growth stages will limit yield. So, which micronutrients should you be focusing on and when? 

Let’s start with Zinc.

Zinc is commonly found in many starter fertilizers and is vital to early plant growth, and tends to be more limited when soils are wet and cool, like this season. Over the past decade almost 75% of corn plants showed a zinc deficiency. Adequate zinc in the early stages of corn production can generate 2 more rows around the ear, amplifying corn yield potential.

Zinc plays a vital role in…
  • Root development
  • Maximizing leaf and vascular growth
  • Enzyme processes, photosynthesis, and other critical early-season developmental functions
By enhancing root development and maximizing vascular growth, zinc acts like a forklift in the plant, lifting nutrients and packing them away for later use.

What can you do about zinc deficiency?
If tissue testing indicates corn plants are deficient in zinc, foliar application is a simple and effective way to provide zinc to the plant. Max-In Zinc is a foliar micronutrient product that is instrumental in boosting your corn crops potential. Here’s why:
  • Max-In Zinc contains CornSorb technology, allowing efficient nutrient delivery
  • Tank compatibility allows for ease of application
  • Ensure a robust root system to utilize all nutrients
Max-In Zinc contains CornSorb technology. Put simply, CornSorb technology gets more active ingredient into the plant than competitive products by:
  • Increased droplet spread
  • Enhanced droplet coverage
  • Keeps the leaf wetter for longer- ensuring absorption
These features unite to deliver higher concentrations of zinc into your corn plant, making less subject to loss through evaporation or other environmental conditions.

Max-In Zinc is a compatible tank-mix partner with glyphosate, other post-emergent herbicides, and most soluble agricultural products. This allows for application flexibility, and limited trips across the field.
Zinc is an essential micronutrient for crop production, and is the one that most commonly limits yield. Be assured that your crop has adequate nutrition and is reaching its full potential with Max-In Zinc.

Learn more about Max-In Zinc, optimizing plant nutrition, and tissue testing for crop nutrient levels by consulting with your local Field Sales Agronomist at UFC.

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