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UFC will Dismantle Waconia Agronomy Plant

Feb 06, 2020

United Farmers Cooperative will begin dismantling its Waconia agronomy plant this month and move this business to our Brownton location.
“This was a difficult decision, but after considering many factors, we determined it’s in the best interest of making sure all of our businesses and facilities deliver long-term value for our member-owners and customers,” says Mitch Altermatt, CEO and general manager.   
Altermatt says when compared with other UFC agronomy facilities, the Waconia plant has operated seasonally in recent years, creating staffing and efficiency challenges at a time of profitability challenges in agronomy.
“As we look to the future, we also recognize that after nearly 30 years this plant needs significant and costly updates,” he says, noting that as the Waconia area continues to develop, additional loss of agricultural acres will reduce demand for the plant’s products.
Dismantling this plant will allow the co-op to serve customers more efficiently from other UFC facilities, reduce congestion and enhance safety at the Waconia site, and remove the agronomy operation from a populated area, Altermatt adds.
UFC agronomy staff will work with Waconia agronomy customers to determine how to best meet their future needs. As this has been a seasonal facility, there are no employees impacted by the decision.

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