Well managed pastures provide significant benefits for horses and their owners such as providing an economical source of high-quality forage, a healthy environment for horses to exercise, reduces environmental impact of your operation, and improves property aesthetics.

Benefits of Rotational Grazing:

  • Increases the amount and quality of forage obtained by grazing 
  • More animals can be supported on the same acreage of pasture 
  • Reduces or eliminates selective or spot grazing 
  • Allows for more complete utilization of pasture forage 
  • Minimizes rejection areas where horses will not graze 
  • Promotes the growth of desired species and reduces the number of undesirable species and weeds 
  • Can help control parasites and discourage some animal diseases 
  • May permit harvesting of excess forage in spring and stockpiling forage for the fall 
  • Provides better manure distribution and nutrient recycling 
  • Allows for frequent horse-human contact 

Pasture Management Products and Services:

  • Management Plan: soil sample and analysis, management plan and calendar, consulting - products and services 
  • Pasture Seeding: seeding, equipment and fuel 
  • Pasture Fertilizing: fertilizer spreading, equipment and fuel 
  • Weed spraying: spraying herbicides/pesticides, equipment and fuel 
  • Seed: UFC Pasture Mix, UFC Hay Mix (all grass forage), UFC Alfalfa 
  • Fertilizer 
  • Chemical: Herbicides, pesticides 
  • Equipment Rental: UFC Farm Supply has a full service rental department that supplies all the equipment you need to get the job done. From compact tractors, attachments, trailers, and mowers.

What You Can Expect:

Let our consultants create a pasture management plan specifically for you. With the proper planning your pasture will provide a more productive and scenic area. During a consultation, we will:
  • Assess the inventory of existing forages. 
  • Gather soil samples to determine correct soil nutrient recommendations. 
  • Create a plan to properly manage your pasture for optimum yield. 
  • Modify existing or develop new pastures. 
  • Monitor pasture for non-desirable plants and eradicating them at the proper time. 
  • Manage your pasture to ensure optimum production and sustainability. 
  • Select the proper equipment to serve your needs 

Did you know?

  • It is industry recommended to provide 2 acres of pasture per horse. 
  • An average 1,000 pound horse grazing for 16 hours, may consume 76 pounds of fresh pasture. 
  • Horses excrete 40 – 50 pounds of manure and urine per day. 
  • There are government regulations on manure management. Become informed for your local area. 

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