We're Data Driven

You may call us data junkies, but we love to talk about all things data when it comes to Agronomy. We know where to put your seed because we know your operation. We understand the characteristics of your farm; from fertility to drainage, yield-ability to rotation. We can put it all together for you to formulate a plan for success. All of this is done together with your Field Sales Agronomist (FSA), who is equipped with all the information and tools needed to make it happen. We even have our own precision platform called United Insight, which we use to streamline the process.

We're Committed

We understand that, in this industry, the hours are long and the hurdles can be tall. Our team is committed to doing what we can to support your success. After 5PM, like clockwork, you always need the last two bags of corn to finish planting before the rain. Communication is key, give your FSA a call and they will make every effort to satisfy your needs. Did you open the next field of corn on a Saturday night to find out that it was blown down by a late wind storm? We will come out to ride with you to analyze the cause and provide a solution to limit the risk of it happening next year. We're here with you from the seed order to the grain bin!

We Have Options

We have 7 premier seed brands with proven hybrids that perform. We can match each of your fields with management solutions that will provide the highest opportunity for success.  We know that you have many options on where to buy your seed. Please consider the value that UFC brings to your whole farm. We pride ourselves on offering service beyond the sale. We have a full range of tools to help you monitor and manage your fields as well as data to reassure your decisions. Our knowledge and experience is what positions us to best help you succeed!