Caring For Indoor House Plants

Mar 02, 2020
Sue Kelly March 2, 2020
Tom Nenovich
Garden Center Manager

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Indoor house plants are the perfect way to make gardening a year-round vocation. Do not worry if you have been unsuccessful in the past. Most good gardeners have killed their share of house plants along the way to developing that desired green thumb. Light and indoor humidity are key factors in raising healthy plants.

HIGH-LIGHT plants should be next to a large window preferably facing south or east. Make sure there are no trees, buildings, awnings, or other structures blocking the outside light.

MEDIUM-LIGHT plants need bright (less direct) light all day. Place them within 3 feet of a south-, east-, or west-facing window. Move plants closer to the window if the light is somewhat blocked.

LOW-LIGHT plants need to be within 6 feet of a well-lit window or close to a north-facing window. Seldom do house plants suffer from too much light.

Plants growing in bright light, high temperatures and low humidity will need to be watered more frequently than those in low light and cool temperatures. Plants in glazed ceramic or plastic containers dry out more slowly than those in porous clay pots. And the bigger the container, the slower it will dry out. Your finger is still the best moisture meter; water when it is dry or just slightly moist to the touch. For uniform growth, periodically turn the pot so that all sides eventually face the window.

April is a good time to repot any plants that have outgrown their containers. Telltale signs are roots coming out the bottom drainage holes or roots rising above the soil level. Be sure to use the right soil for the type of plant. Also, remember to resume feeding your houseplants with the appropriate fertilizer. General rule: Fertilize houseplants March through November and no fertilizer December through February as plants will have slower growth or go into dormancy.

For more tips visit the University of MN Extension or Northern Gardener

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