Tips for Drying Hydrangeas

Oct 09, 2019

Container Gardening

Val Walsh October 9, 2019
Val Walsh
Waconia Garden Center Assistant Manager

How to Dry Hydrangreas
  • Allow the bloom to dry slightly on the plant before picking – late summer to fall usually works best
  • Cut stem 12 – 18 inches from base and remove leaves
  • Place in a vase-like container without water to dry completely
  • Bloom colors will differ depending on the type of hydrangea
  • Natural dried color can be used or carefully and lightly spray paint the desired color
  • Carefully apply hair spray to preserve the bloom

How to make a Dried Hydrangea Wreath

Supplies needed: Styrofoam wreath, wire u-pins, dried hydrangea blooms


  1. Immerse hydrangeas in warm water for 15 minutes for increased pliability and to prevent breakage.
  2. Attach hydrangeas to Styrofoam wreath with U pins.
  3. Let dry for 24 to 48 hours.


Posted: Oct 09, 2019