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UFC's Grain Division can address all your grain marketing needs, from cash contracts to hedge-to-arrive (futures fixed) contracts. Contact our experienced marketing staff, if you have any questions or concerns related to the marketing of your crop. We’ll be happy to consult by phone or schedule a meeting on your farm or at one of our locations.




Also called Open Storage. Patron retains ownership of delivered grain. Can take a warehouse receipt, can apply to forward contracts, and can load out upon request. At harvest we charge a minimum for storage because elevator bin space is limited. $.06/ Month No Minimum Charge, grain is charged a daily rate until bushels are sold.



$.03/ Month No minimum Charge, grain is charged a daily rate until bushels are sold. $0.03/month (title passes to UFC) “DP” grain the ownership of grain transfers to the coop upon delivery. Which is why “DP” grain cannot be applied to forward contracts or loaded out, the patron must price based upon the posted bid for his/her grain.

* No free time
**Any grain left on storage for over one year will have a storage rate of $0.04/month.



Commericial Storage and Delayed Price 
15% - Cash or Contract 

Corn going into open storage or “DP” will be charged drying and shrink to 14% moisture whereas corn delivered on an open contract or sold as cash get drying and shrink to 15%. Drying is calculated off the “wet” moisture to 15% or 14% depending upon what is happening with the grain, e.g. 1000 bu of 18.5% corn sold would have 3.5% drying (15.75 cpb drying and 4.9% shrink) $157.50 drying and 49 bushels of shrink, 951 “dry” bushels left. The same load if put on open storage would have 202.50 of drying charges and 63 bushels of shrink, 937 “dry” bushels left

*Corn Drying will remain at $0.045/point of moisture with a 1.4% shrink. 
**Moisture discounts and shrink will be calculated to each 1/10th of a point



Moisture discounts start at 13.1%.  Soybean moisture discounts will be 1% of the price each .5 point of moisture over 13% to 14%. From 14% to 16% discounts will be 2% of the price each .5 point of moisture. From 16% to 18% discounts will be 3% of the price each .5 point of moisture or subject to rejection.

We have a chart available upon request for soybean moisture discounts. As you can see the discount for “wet” soybeans becomes progressively more punitive as the beans get wetter. As opposed to corn, which the discount is linear. This is due to the fact that we are equipped to handle and dry wet corn. Not the ordinary case with beans.
*There will be no averaging of grades for Corn or Soybeans


$0.20 load out fee for custom dried corn

These are bushels that the patron intends to store in their own facility or deliver someplace else (usually HCP for our patrons) within a week. As stated above 5 days. Custom dry corn is charged drying and shrink down to 14%. During harvest, “full storage charges” would be the 10 cent minimum if not loaded out in 5 days. And as stated above the patron is always charged a $0.20 cent load out fee whenever they remove corn from one of our elevators.

*Custom Dried Corn must be loaded out in 5 days or full storage will be assessed on those bushels.


2023 Harvest Policy



  • Cash Sale

    UFC has live grain bids at our locations, so the customer can sell a load of grain for our posted bid when they are delivering.

  • Storage

    $.05/mo is prorated and charged out at a daily rate. For ex., if corn is in storage for 13 days of a month you would only pay the pro-rated amount not a full 5 cents. Open Storage grain can be applied to forward contracts, can be issued a warehouse receipt, and can be loaded out upon request (15 cent load out charge would apply.)


  • Offer

    Customers can place offers to sell grain in a variety of ways. The most common is a cash value level for their grain for a specified time period. But we also watch offers on basis only or futures only as well.

  • Forward

    A forward “cash” contract is locking in a price to be paid for the delivery of grain sometime in the future. When a cash level is set, two things, the basis and the futures price has been established and the price paid to the producer cannot change. E.g. Delivery of corn in Oct 19 for $3.50.

  • Hedge-to-arrive(HTA)

    An HTA is also sometimes called a “futures fixed” contract. Here the producer sets the futures price but leaves the basis open. So a cash value for the grain hasn’t been established yet. HTAs can be rolled (forward or back) as many times as a producer would like within the crop year for a $0.02 cpb roll fee. HTAs can also be “flexed” out to a non UFC location for a $0.05 cpb fee.

  • Sell Order

    We accept sell orders for cash or HTA contracts at any time. These orders will be placed electronically and have the potential to be filled in the overnight market.

  • Price Later (Delayed Price)

    “DP” grain ownership transfers to UFC upon delivery. Cannot be applied to forward contracts or loaded out. Must be priced off the nearby posted bid.

  • Basis

    Basis contracts lock in the basis but leave the futures portion of the pricing equation open. Basis contracts can also be rolled within the same crop year for a $0.02 cpb roll fee.

  • Minimum Price

    A minimum price contact involves a cash sale of grain generally coupled with the purchase of a call option sometime in the future. E.g. Sale of cash corn in October for $3.25, purchase a July call option for 18 cents for a minimum price of cash sale = 3.25 minus option premium = 0.18 minus UFC fee = .02 equals a min. price of $3.05. This sets a floor for the price a producer will receive while maintaining some upside potential with the call

  • Average Seasonal Price(ASP)

    An ASP can be structured to whichever time period a producers wishes for any amount of bushels. UFC will price your grain at the close of each business day so that you can achieve the average of the closing price for the time period chosen.

  • Managed Grain Contract

    A managed grain program is a way to have an expert set the futures portion of the pricing equation for you. Currently we use CMC as the manager of this program. We offer a “new crop” program, “old crop” program and a “2 yr out program.” When you sign up bushels you allow the manager to set the futures price for you and after the pricing period is up you are left with an HTA in your name with UFC for the specified delivery period. Sign up for the program is generally December-January. Contact a UFC originator for more details

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