UFC Grain Harvest Policy 2023

Sep 14, 2023

UFC Grain Harvest Policy 2023

*Effective September 18th, 2023*

*Subject to change without prior notice*

Open Store/Commercial storage - Title of grain stays in farmer’s name, can be loaded out.

  • NO MINIMUM - $0.06/ month storage fee, prorated daily

Delayed Price Contract - Title of grain moves to UFC, cannot be loaded out, cannot be applied to forward


  • NO MINIMUM - $0.03/ month service fee, prorated daily

*No free time.

**Any grain left on open store for over one year will have a storage rate of $0.07/month. Any grain left on

Delayed Price over one year will have a fee of $0.04/month.


Moisture Limits:

  • Open Store and Delayed price 14%
  • Cash and Contract 15%

Corn Drying charges:

  • $0.055 per point of moisture

Shrink Factor:

  • 1.4% per point of moisture

*Moisture discounts and shrink will be calculated to each 1/10th of a point.


Moisture Limits:

  • Moisture discounts start at 13.1%. Soybean moisture discounts will be 1% of the price each .5 point of moisture over 13% to 14%. From 14% to 16% discounts will be 2% of the price each .5 point of moisture. From 16% to 18% discounts will be 3% of the price each .5 point of moisture or subject to rejection.

*There will be no averaging of grades for Corn or Soybeans

Load Out Fee:

Any grain taken out of open storage will be charged a $0.20/ bu. load out fee.

Custom Dried Corn:

  • $0.20 handle for custom dried corn.
  • Custom Dried Corn must be loaded out in 5 days of storage fees will be assessed on those bushels from date of delivery.

*See Corn and Soybean discount schedules for full discount details*