Apr 06, 2023

When someone asks me about UFC and the cooperative system, it’s always one of my favorite topics. Because it’s not just simply about profitability each and every day. We need to make sure we are treating everyone fairly and equitably when making decisions about our business. 

Growing up in North Dakota, I was able to see all sides of the ag business. In my youth, I was able to help my grandpa as he farmed small grains in western North Dakota. Throughout college, I worked for a local farmer, and a seed company doing research. I also had the opportunity to participate in internships with a local John Deere dealer while pursuing my associate’s degree. 

After graduating from North Dakota State University, I was hired by ADM in grain operations. My employment with ADM took me all across the upper Midwest managing multiple grain elevator locations. I was moving around a lot.

In 2012, my time with UFC began when ADM and UFC started a joint venture with grain. Two years later, when UFC bought back its’ assets from ADM, I took the opportunity to stay with UFC. Staying with the cooperative was an easy decision. Not only was it the best choice for me and my career, but for stability for my family as well. 

For others considering a career in agriculture and agribusiness, the cooperative system really opens up a lot of opportunities. My experiences exposed me to many different aspects of the business I likely would not have seen working for someone else. 

As a cooperative employee, I was able to learn from some pretty amazing individuals along the way. These people were open to sharing information and helping progress my career. 

But what UFC does is even bigger than that! You get to work for a company that is embedded in the communities you live in and is invested in the communities around you. You are able to do rewarding work, support local producers and keep those dollars local. 

At UFC, the wages and benefits are competitive, of course. And that’s always an important consideration for any prospective employee. For me, seeing the positive changes we impact – and the differences we make for local communities – are the most rewarding benefits of all!


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May 17, 2023
Please return by June 2, 2023. 
May 08, 2023
Our records indicate that the following individuals were issued a payment(s) that is still outstanding.
Apr 26, 2023
by: The UFC Agronomy Team

With our extended weather forecast showing below normal temperatures across much of UFC’s territory we know growers may not be waiting for “ideal” planting conditions. We suggest utilizing 6-24-6 starter fertilizer to help corn and soybeans deal with cooler planting temperatures.