Think For The Future

Nov 09, 2021

Think For The Future
The buzz phrase right now is “plan ahead.” You’ve heard us say it, along with nearly every other industry that has fallen vulnerable to global shortages. Retailers are encouraging consumers to purchase their holiday gifts early, energy companies are telling customers to contract their winter home heat, and the agronomy division of UFC is encouraging customers to purchase spring chemical and fertilizer products - all as soon as possible. The UFC Equipment division is no different. 

Farming has evolved into a high-tech industry throughout the years with digital technology playing a large role in aiding producers in the field. The computer chip shortage that we first began talking about nearly one year ago is still in full effect. The chip shortage has led to a decrease in equipment manufacturing, making it difficult for producers to upgrade their equipment. If you’re operating older machinery, you are not immune to the negative effects of this shortage. Equipment manufacturers are not operating at full capacity, making it more difficult than ever before to order in basic parts for routine maintenance. Unfortunately, this shortage is expected to continue well into 2023, and will significantly change the way producers plan and prepare their operation for the future. 

The computer chip shortage is just one of many shortages that is significantly changing the way patrons in UFC territory manage their operations. We are feeling the impact of supply chain disruptions, logistic challenges and increased demand throughout our equipment, parts and service and grain systems departments. Setting you up for success is our priority. To do that, we are asking that you think ahead to your operational needs for Spring 2022 and beyond. We cannot stress this enough! If you know you will be needing new equipment, tires, a grain bin, grain legs or air system in the future, we highly recommend you put your order in right away. Shortages and other delays in the supply chain will affect how quickly you will receive your order. Taking a proactive approach and planning ahead will help ensure you have what you need, when you need it. 

To place an order, schedule maintenance or for questions call the Ag Service Center in Lafayette at 507-228-8224. 


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