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2021 Board of Directors Elections Process

Jan 06, 2022

UFC Patrons,
As you are all aware, the 2021 annual meeting has been cancelled due to ongoing safety concerns, for both our patrons and employees, related to COVID-19. Despite not being able to meet in person with you, maintaining transparency with details about your coop is highly important to us. In lieu of the annual meeting, below is a summary of the board of directors election process as well as an introduction to your 2022 board of directors.
At the end of year 2021, there were three board seats open for re-election. Current directors Jeff Franta and Kurt Martens chose to re-run for their respective positions. After serving three full terms, vice chairman Robby Gieseke has chosen to retire. Robby has played an integral role on the UFC board of directors throughout the past nine years. His leadership, attention to detail and business acumen have contributed to the strategic position and continued health of UFC, and we are grateful for his years of service!
Last, Ryan Mackenthun is the newest director on the UFC board. Ryan, Jeff and Kurt all ran unopposed; therefore, the board of directors was able to appoint all three during the regular December board meeting. We will be seeking a motion for a unanimous consent ballot for the slate of directors at our next formal business meeting. Your 2022 board of directors is as follows:
Jeff Manderscheid - Chairman
Todd Kettner – Vice Chairman
Tyler Stehr - Secretary
Kevin Lindeman - Director
Kurt Martens - Director
Jeff Franta - Director
Ryan Mackenthun - Director 
We thank you for your ongoing support and loyalty to UFC. We look forward to serving you in the new year!
Best Regards,
Todd Kettner
Vice Chairman
UFC Board of Directors

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