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Adjustments to the 2020 Grain Harvest Policy Have Been Made

Sep 04, 2020

Dear Patrons,

September is here and the temperatures are beginning to drop – fall harvest will soon be here! We all know farming is not for the faint of heart, and the 2020 season is perfect proof of that. In an ordinary season, we understand our patrons put in a lot of hard work to ensure profitability, and yet you are at the mercy of Mother Nature and other natural processes that determine success. This year has thrown additional challenging variables into the mix – volatile markets, trade wars and of course the pandemic.

As we gear up for harvest this fall know that your coop is fully aware of these challenges. We are making adjustments to our policies that are in the best interest of our member-owners. First, we are sending out our harvest policy earlier than normal in order to give you time to review and make your grain marketing plans before you hit the field. We understand the current market conditions are far from favorable making it difficult to be excited about pricing new crop. Selling opportunities have been few and far between throughout the last few years, and we recognize this has created a lot of strain on you and your operation. With these challenges in mind, UFC has made the decision to forgo the harvest minimum charge on open storage and DP contracts. In doing so our goal is to alleviate some of the strain and pressure you and your operation may be feeling as a result of these challenging times. We are in this together!

On a related note, we are kindly asking that you make plans for your bushels before you begin harvest.
Given the large amount of crop in the fields, we are anticipating elevator space will fill up quickly
especially towards the end of harvest.

In closing, we appreciate your continued patronage and support. You can view our 2020 harvest policy here. Our corn discounts, bean discounts and drying charges are also available for your reference. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 507-647-6601.

Best Regards,

Jason Tews, VP of Grain 

Adjustments to the 2020 Grain Harvest Policy Have Been Made

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