Oct 31, 2022

In the ag business, everyone knows this lifestyle comes with its share of stressors. We’ve lived through generations of hard work, market and weather fluctuations and all the challenges that come from going from seed to harvest, market, forecasting, investing and repeating.

We all love this lifestyle, and deep down, we know we can’t do it alone. Every day is a chance to work outdoors, be outside a cubicle, operate new equipment, grow new skills and take satisfaction in a hard day’s work – even though it never ends at sunset. We also know every day poses challenges: breakdowns, supply shortages, market changes, tempers, employee problems and the fatigue of really hard work that doesn’t pay much attention to the hands on the clock.

UFC is here to be your hands – and feet – on the ground. Our team exists for the greater purpose
of helping make your operation more efficient. We continually look to hire and retain the best team to support you. We know stress is inevitable. There will be days when you can’t be in the field soon enough or that scheduled semi at the end of the field is delayed for any number of reasons. UFC does our best to lessen that. We ask that you do your best to understand that, too.

Emotions can run high and it’s natural to be tough on those closest to us. As a company that strives to hire supportive, hardworking people, we hope you can take a minute to recognize the person or family member in front of you is simply trying to help. Markets and logistical hang-ups may frustrate us, but it’s the people we pull together to ease those frustrations that help us succeed.

Hiring, turnover and outside influences pose difficulties these days. But our best chance of success as a cooperative and producers, is to make our interactions with hard-working partners who are at our side – less difficult, more gracious.

Be nice, of course, and always advocate for what you need. Also, be grateful for the helping hands you have. Thank those that put in long hours, even in the face of incredible stress. Staffing and maintaining reliable help is an imperfect science, just like agriculture. But people have always been the core to our business. And the better we treat our people, neighbors, family and team, the better we assure a great network of good, hard-working, committed partners and our operational success moving forward.

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Oct 31, 2022
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