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Our Work is Not Yet Done

Nov 02, 2020

By: Ryan Ponwith, Agronomy Sales Manager

The growing season is over and harvest is coming to an end, but we all know the hard work doesn’t stop there. While you finish the last leg of the season and prepare for 2021, know that UFC is also planning for 2021. We are learning from the challenges 2020 presented, and taking new measures to ensure you have access to the products and services you need to be profitable.

Recently, our FSA’s have had conversations with many different patrons summarizing the growing season, the management decisions that were made and how those decisions played out throughout the year. Through each opportunity and success, there is one common theme. When we work closely with our customers, acknowledge what each other’s struggle and strength is and work to the same collective goal, the major struggles for the year become easier to overcome and the success greater for everyone. On that note, XtendFlex soybeans are one of the new offerings we are excited to add to our product line up. After analyzing this year’s data, there is a noticeable spread between the top performing seed hybrids and varieties and those below them. The demand for those products will be high, and we do expect a number of them to sell out early. Don’t delay your orders, contact your FSA and take advantage of early buying opportunities.

UFC is being more aggressive with the brands we are pursuing. Our more aggressive approach has led us to new partnerships with reputable distributors and manufacturers that we have never worked with before. By expanding our product lines, you will have more options to choose from that will fill your operations’ needs and produce the best return on investment. In the upcoming year, UFC is also going to continue to invest in technology that will allow us to make informed decisions backed by data. Contact your FSA today, and together we will leverage our 2020 data as well as our new product lines to outline a plan for success in 2021.

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