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Own Your Health with 40 Square

Dec 21, 2020

UFC is proud to be an investor in 40 Square Cooperative Solutions since its inception in 2018. UFC members have the ability to join 40 Square without an investment into the co-op! While you can join 40 Square at anytime during the year, the deadline for January 1st coverage is December 31st.

40 Square Cooperative Solutions is an independent, member-owned agricultural cooperative offering
health plans through a trust for Minnesota’s farm families, businesses who provide direct services to production
agriculture and their employees.

They are committed to helping Minnesota’s agricultural community gain access to comprehensive health plan options. Through membership, 40 Square members and plan participants are part of an empowered community of Minnesotans working together to find common solutions that help curb rising health plan prices, gain access to local doctors and tap into multiple health plan offerings without sacrificing quality. When you participate in a 40 Square plan, you gain collective buying power of employer-group style coverage. In addition, any health care dollars left over in the associated Health Plan Trust at the end of the year go back to participants in the form of
enhancing benefits, decreasing premiums or curbing premium increases – not in the pocket of an outside third-party company looking to gain profits.

40 Square is proud to be the only independent agricultural health plan cooperative in the state and is
committed to working on behalf of our members through education and resources to stabilize health
plan costs and enhance every member’s overall health. Come join us! Learn more by visiting or by clicking here

Own Your Health

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