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With more feed brands under one roof than any other local dealer, UFC Farm Supply is your one-stop-shop for all of your equine supply needs, supplements, and feed. We also stock feeders, waterers, fencing and gates. We offer a fast and easy shopping experience for our customers – making your busy life a little more convenient.

Our Consumer Feeds team specializes in animal nutrition for equine, pet, poultry, and other small critters. During a free consolation, we would be delighted to help you find the right feed for your horse, teach you how to cut feeding costs, and answer any other questions!



PowerGold equine feed is UFC Farm Supply's private brand of performance equine feeds. With many years of development, we have created a preimum feed for every type of horse that is available at an affordable price. Contact our Consumer Feeds Team to learn more about the PowerGold difference and see how we can help you.

Frequent Buyer Program

Purchase 20 bags of any one PowerGold variety and get one bag FREE!

PG MareFoal

Power Gold Mare & Foal 16% 50lb. Bag
Designed to meet the nutritional requirements of broodmares and growing horses

  • Textured form: 16% Protein content, 8% Fat
  • May be fed until two years of age
PG PerformancePellet

Power Gold Performance Pellet 50lb. Bag
Designed to be fed to maintenance and performance horses

  • Pellet form: 12% Protein content, 6% Fat
  • High quality protein source with Lysine and Methionine
  • Enhanced vitamins & minerals for optimum performance
PG Elite

Power Gold Elite 50lb. Bag
High fat, controlled starch performance horse feed

  • Beet pulp based: 12% Protein content, 12% Fat
  • Highly digestible fibers which aid in overall gut health
  • Organic minerals for increased absorption
PG Balancer

Power Gold 34% Balancer 50lb. Bag
Concentrate, resulting in lowered feeding rates. Formulated to be fed with grass and grass/mixed forages

  • Amino acids to support muscle integrity
  • Low NSC%  (for horses with metabolic conditions, overweight horses, & ponies)
PG HiOil

Power Gold Hi-Oil 50lb. Bag 
Designed to be fed to performance horses and hard-keepers

  • Textured form: 12% Protein content, 10% Fat
  • High fat level utilized as safe energy source

Equine Feed Brands

We understand the importance of a proper diet for your horse and that is why we carry only premier feed. We also know that age, weight, work level all play an important role to what you feed. At UFC Farm Supply, you will find the right feed for every horse. 


For your convenience we offer delivery of both bagged and bulk items, allowing you to spend more time in your barn. Wheter it be a custom blend, 20 bags or three pallets of bagged product, we will use our own equipment to place your order in a location of your choosing.

From hobby farm to commercial operations, we carry many different options for meeting your livestock, pet, and wildlife needs.

We strive to keep caring for your animals as easy and convenient as possible, which is why you can get most of your shopping done in one stop! We offer delivery on a wide variety of the brands, products, and different items that we offer at our stores such as horse feed, poultry feed, bedding, pet food, softener salt, ice melt, and so much more!

If you have any questions about our feed or delivery services, contact our Consumer Feeds Team. 

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