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The UFC Feed Division works continuously to embrace change and develop programs that give our patrons an advantage in the market.  Since 2011, UFC has been certified under the Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Point (HACCP) program.  This international program ensures that all ingredients going into your feed came from approved suppliers and that all feeds meet a high standard of traceability and quality control allowing us to participate in markets others cannot access.  UFC believes that bio security is extremely important.  We utilize an onsite truck wash and load routing system that will minimize the transfer of contamination.  Our Feed team, from the nutritionist on your farm to the people mixing the feed at our mills, get the job done and they do it right.  We believe that people and quality make all the difference in the world!

Steve LeBrun

Vice President of Feed


UFC knows that raising livestock is more than just a job, it’s a way of life.  We want to be there for you as your trusted advisor to help you feed the best quality feed to your animals.  UFC’s nutritionists and consultants will custom formulate diets to accommodate the different nutritional needs that your livestock have throughout their lives.  In addition to feed rations, we can also assist producers with management, production, animal comfort, as well as building design and renovation.

UFC is proud to partner with top feed companies in the industry.  Our relationship with these companies give us access to training and education in the newest products and trends in the feed business and allow us to pass that information on to our producers.


UFC's team of Nutritionists and Management Consultants are proud to offer the best nutritional packages for all ages of Dairy Livestock.  We utilize the best vitamin and trace mineral packages that are specially formulated for our trade territory in partnership with regional companies such as Form-A-Feed, Purina, and Hubbard.  Call us today to work with one of our eight Nutritionists and they will work diligently to provide the best results in production and health for your cows.


UFC's Nutritionists are crosstrained to consult with both dairy and beef customers.  They take pride in specifically formulating most all beef feed rations, while utilizing the expertise of Form-A-Feed, Purina, and Hubbard for specialty products.  We look forward to working with you to customize rations that are nutritional, economical and have high palitability.  




The UFC Swine System utilizes the patented expertise of Purina, Hubbard and Form-A-Feed in combination with specially formulated, locally manufactured feeds to attain the best, least cost production numbers in the swine industry.  Ed and Adam work together to bring the newest information and deliver top notch customer service to all UFC customers.


Show Feeds

Are you looking to maximize performance in your show animals?  UFC can help.  We have our own lines of show feeds as well as lines from Purina, Form-A-Feed, and Hubbard.  UFC also has an expert staff that will help you monitor progress of your show animals and offer advice for best performance when using our products.


Our services go full circle to make sure that you are covered!


  • Grain milling - grinding or rolling
  • Delivery of bulk and bagged feeds
  • Cost plus milling
  • Custom protein blends
  • Custom mineral mixes
  • Custom ration formulation
  • Consulting services
  • Direct Source Ingredients (DSI)
  • Grain bank services
  • Financing (AqQuest)
  • Forage and grain analysis
  • Livestock production records


  • Aligned pork systems
  • Access to contract alternatives
  • Dairy systems
  • Producer groups
  • Production and financing consulting
  • Sources of livestock competitive


Educational Articles

Welcome to our article center.  Throughout the year our UFC nutritionists will post relevent articles that have tips, tricks, and trends that can help provide insight to your livestock operation.  

Spring Alfalfa Tips - Evaluating Your Stand

Early evaluation of alfalfa stands can set you up for success for the rest of your production year.  This article contains steps to follow to evaluate your alfalfa stand and determine winterkill as well as tips for reseeding and fertilizing.  Please call your UFC Nutritionist or Field Sales Agronomist if you would like help evaluating your alfalfa.  Click here to read the full article.


As we approach the season of heat and humidity, it is important that we keep our livestock well hydrated.  HYDRO-LAC has been proven with 15 years of success.  It helps your bovine livestock combat heat stress, hydrate, and maintain consistent intakes while increasing farm profits.  Visit with your UFC Nutritionist on adding HYDRO-LAC to your feeding plan.  Click here for more information on HYDRO-LAC.

Veterinary Feed Directive

Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) went into effect on January 1st, 2017.  We have provided a quick video with information as well as the slide show presentation from our meetings on November 29th and 30th.

UFC Is Here To Support You and Your Operation

If you have any questions on VFD's, please contact your UFC Feed Representative or any of our feed mills for more information.  


Cologne Feed Mill

206 Mill Street East
Cologne, MN 55322
Phone:  952-466-5518

Klossner Feed Mill

40137 577th Lane
New Ulm, MN 56073
Phone:  507-359-4519

Le Sueur Feed Mill

316 North Main
Le Sueur, MN 56058
Phone:  507-665-6421



Kim Hague

Accounting Manager

Kelly Powell

Sales Manager

Leon Wenninger

Operations Manager


Roger Landon

Nutrition/Managment Consultant

Dr. Jim Linn

Nutrition/ Management Consultant
University of Minnesota

Erica O'Loughlin

Nutrition/ Management Consultant

Bob Rehbein

Dairy Tech Services Manager

Rich Schug

Nutrition/ Management Consultant

Patty Sinclair

Nutrition/ Management Consultant

Robert Westman

Nutrition/ Management Consultant


Ed Hubly

Land O Lakes Swine

Adam Munsterteiger

Swine Specialist


Sarah Dalgleish


Deb Walter


Paula Walter


Lindsey Walerius

Le Sueur