The agronomy team strives to deliver elite products, services and knowledge for all of your agronomic needs. Our experienced staff works hard to stay on top of the ever changing technology and trends in agriculture. They attend numerous training and field days throughout the year to provide you with the newest and most accurate information available. We work hard to make sure that you produce the best crop you can, with our knowledge, quality products, and experienced operations crew. Whenever you have questions, turn to your agronomy team at UFC.


United Insight™ is UFC’s branded, in house precision ag program that was created to help you maximize production across your farm. The vast improvements in technology have allowed you to capture advancements in equipment operations, data collection and management processes. The data you collect from your fields has much more potential than to produce a map. An in-depth comprehensive understanding of your data will assist you in making more informed decisions with your inputs and help decide which products are increasing the profit of your operation.

There Are Three Areas Of Focus Of Our Program:

  1. Help growers manage each acre of their land based on its potential

  2. Incorporate the collected data to make an informed decision

  3. Use in-season management to detect and assess crop health issues

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Crop Nutrition

Proper crop nutrition is essential for maximizing crop yields. The staff at UFC has experienced team members to assist you in making sure your crop has exactly what it needs to perform throughout the growing season. Our fertilizer plants, located in Winthrop and Brownton, allows us to best serve our customers and maintain competitive prices. We also offer tissue-sampling services, which allows us to make customized recommendations based on crop, stage of development, herbicide interactions and tissue sample results. It will also help you reach maximum yield potential and crop performances through understanding what crop nutrients are needed.

With the addition of the Brownton fertilizer plant, we will be able to better serve you, our patrons.  With another HIM mixer, featured in the video below, we will be able to blend fertilizer, fill trucks, and get it out onto the fields faster than ever! 

Some other crop nutrition services we offer include:

  • Liquid and dry fertilizers
  • Bulk and on-farm delivery
  • Custom application
  • Variable rate applications based on GPS gridded soil sample data
  • Tissue sampling
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Growing a good crop doesn’t end after planting. Protecting your fields against weeds, diseases, and pests is vital to reaching high yield goals. UFC offers a wide variety of crop protection products to tackle even the hardest and most difficult fields. Our staff is trained and up-to-date on the latest products that will help keep your field clean and healthy.  

Our agronomist will scout fields, along with an intern, to check if there is a weed or bug problem.  They will then work with you to make sure the program will fit your needs and your budget. That order comes to us at the chemical shed, either in Winthrop or in Brownton. We'll make sure that the application is done correctly.  

We believe that UFC offers what no other cooperative around here can. We strive to give you the best service no matter what the size of your farm, from a garden to a 20,000-acre farmer. We have what you need and we have the knowledge and experience to back it up!

Our team can help you with all sorts of different services, from custom spraying to aerial spraying. Your agronomist will give you a recommendation for what needs to get sprayed, we can either use one of our machines or we can spray your crops aerially. We have partnered up with a local company to make sure your aerial crop spraying is done correctly and in a timely manner.  


  • Pickup and delivery of chemicals
  • Custom Spraying
  • Aerial Spraying
  • Loading bulk and packaged chemical
  • Liquid Fertilizer application

Nurture the seeds of success

UFC is proud to be teamed up with the leading seed companies in the industry. Our employees work closely with these companies to remain on top of the latest technology and traits in the industry. UFC’s strength in numbers allows us to place the most productive hybrids across our customers’ fields to improve their yields and overall profit. We also offer seed treating services from our bulk bin soybean sites in Lafayette and Hamburg.  Seed treatments help protect your seed investment against disease and insects to provide the optimum growing conditions for your plant. 


Agronomy Team

AGRONOMY Locations

Norseland Ag Service Center
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Hamburg Ag Service Center
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Lafayette Seed Shed
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Brownton Fertilizer Plant
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Hector Ag Service Center
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