Know When your Fields are Done

Mar 27, 2019

Know When your Fields are Done
Last spring we launched a dispatching platform to help with efficiencies.  We use the AgVantage EDGE platform for both order creation from the field sales agronomist and dispatching our equipment from our ag centers and hub plants.  As a result of what we learned last spring and fall we are able to make continued improvements to EDGE which is helping us become even more efficient to better serve you.  

One way we can help you become more efficient is by offering a notification when your fields have been completed.  There are two options, an email and a text message. Each notification has the field and the time that it was completed.  An email has more details such as the product, rate per acre, and total quantity used.  See the details in the images below!

Email Example:

Text Message Example:

If you’re interested in getting these notifications for your operation, please fill in the form below and we will get it set up for you!


If you have more questions on how this works, please contact Field Sales Agronomist.  We hope this spring goes well for you and we thank you for doing business with UFC.

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