New Germany Location Open for Business

Apr 09, 2022

New Germany Location Open for Business

Since our last update in the fall edition of Fieldviews, many positives have happened within the UFC Energy division! Most notably, our new energy location in New Germany (located at 17495 Highway 7) is now open! This project has been a long time in the making. We are all excited about the many benefits it will bring to our patrons.

First, and most importantly, the new location is safely stationed in a rural area sixteen miles northwest of
the growing Waconia community. Moving the energy asset out of downtown Waconia allowed us to mitigate all safety risks to the community. Second, the new location is centrally located within our refined fuels and propane service areas. Now we will have access to both products from one location. Not only will

this allow us to implement additional operational efficiencies, it also geographically positions the UFC energy department well for future growth in the region. Last, all UFC energy employees from the customer service representatives to our drivers are now located under one roof which also allows us to operate more efficiently. With this, we have also updated our phone system and have new phone numbers. Whether you are calling for propane service or with an emergency our new number is 507.232.1048.


On a separate note, there are a few programs and resources available that I would like to remind you of:


If enrolled in this program, we will install a system within your propane tank that monitors the propane level with an easy-to-use app on your phone. Having the ability to check the amount of propane in your tank from any location eliminates guesswork and gives you peace of mind. This program is advantageous for customers who are using large volumes of propane - residential use, hog barns, driers, etc. The app tracks and provides visibility into historical use which allows for more informed purchasing decisions. If enrolled in this program, we will ask that you call and schedule a fill when your tank is at 20% or below. To get enrolled call the energy office 507.232.1048 or email us at


We offer fuel and propane contracting year-round. Please call 507.232.1048 for pricing and contract information.


A home heat contract has many benefits and can bring you peace of mind during the cold, winter months knowing your heating needs are taken care of.

  • Budget Payment Program - Budget payment plan is a convenient, budget-friendly plan that allows you to pay for your home heating needs in twelve equal monthly installments. The price you pay per gallon is locked in. Your monthly payment may be adjusted once or twice a year depending upon your usage. This program is a great way to protect yourself from the volatility of the propane market and avoid large out-of-pocket expenses when your tank is filled or when it comes time to prepay gas.

  • Pre-Pay Program - With this popular program, purchase all your propane in the spring/summer for the upcoming season at one fixed price. Our Pre- Pay customers enjoy the peace of mind of reliable deliveries all year long at a low price per gallon among our plans. No matter how high heating fuel prices rise, you are locked in with UFC’s Pre-Pay Program with the gallons you prepay.

  • Bookings Program - With no money down, you can lock in the number of gallons you’d like for the upcoming year at the determined booking price. Once your gallons are booked, your order is taken care of is one less thing for you to worry about.
  • Auto Renew Program (available for pre-pay and booking customers) - If you have propane contracted with us, next year you will be getting a letter that will automatically renew and refill your tank without having to go through the paper work. At that time if you would like to make any adjustments it could be done as easily as making a phone call to 507.232.1048. The contracted price will be predetermined and indicated in the letter. By automatically renewing your contract, you can lock in a low rate.


Ordering your fuel and propane online is fast, simple, and convenient! You can place your order from any location at any time. Simply log into your account at to get started. If you don’t have an account, sign up online at or call 507.232.1008 and we will be happy to assist you.


All UFC and UNG account holders can pay any statement or invoice online at! If you
don’t have an account, sign up online at acctaccess or call 507.232.1008 and we will be happy to assist you.

-Darv Turbes, Vice President of Energy

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