Top 5 Benefits of Premium Diesel

Sep 09, 2020

Top 5 Benefits of Premium Diesel

Not all fuels are created equal! Additives are what separate our premium diesel from standard diesel. Additives help to extend the life of the fuel and the engine. Check out the top 5 benefits of using Cenex premium diesel fuels, and learn how they will help keep your equipment running smoothly.

1. It keeps your engine clean

There are detergents in our Cenex diesel and they help keep the fuel and your engine clean.  Detergents in your diesel reduce the buildup that can happen on your engine.  Clean engine = improved fuel efficiency and greater horsepower

2. It prevents deposits

Injection stabilizers are what address fuel oxidation problems and prevent deposits in the injectors.  This helps prevent downtime.

3. Helps keep unwanted moisture out

A demulsifier separates water from fuel.  This helps prevent unwanted moisture from being carried throughout the fuel system, which in turn creates less wear on injectors and makes for fewer filter replacements. 

4. Aids in quicker start-ups

Cetane measures a fuel's ignition delay, or how quickly the air and fuel mixture combusts in your engine.  Our Cenex premium diesel has a higher cetane.  This means that there is a shorter delay and better quality of the ignition, leading to faster start-ups and reduced wear on your batteries and started.  An added bonus is that it also produces less pollution!

5. Reduces friction

Lubrication helps reduce overall friction.  Diesel lubricants specifically reduce the friction and wear of the fuel pump and injection components.  These parts are always under extreme pressure, and the friction-reducing agents provide 10 to 15 percent better protection against friction and wear on the fuel pump versus a standard #2 diesel fuel.  

With Cenex diesel fuels your engine is cleaner and runs more efficiently.  A  premium diesel can help make all this happen by providing more power and better fuel economy than a regular #2.  Test have shown a 4.5% increase in power and a 5% increase in fuel economy compared to a typical diesel fuel. 

Do you use our Cenex diesel fuels?  Did you know that if you have a Co-op cash card that you can receive 5 cents off of every gallon of gas purchased with that card?

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