Words from the Experts

Jul 18, 2019

Words from the Experts
"A couple years ago, I was working with a grower who was skeptical to spray a fungicide on corn.  He thought that even though it would help with disease pressure, it never really gave him a yield advantage asainst the fields that were not sprayed.  I suggested that he should set up a side-by-side trial where half of the field was applied with a fungicide and the other half left alone.  He decided to go ahead with it. 

After harvest, we sat down to look at his yield maps.  The hald that was sprayed with a fungicide had a 40 bushl advantage to the half that was not sprayed.  He has continued to apply a fungicide on his high and medium RTF hybrids to this day."

-Bob Wilkinson

"For me, fungicide applications are really about plant health.  The healthier a corn plant can stay while filing the ear, the more yield we can expect to see.  Especially because 75% of our yeild is derived from the ear leaf and above.  

Over the past 5 years, I really believe we've seen a dramatic improvement in both the products we're applying as well as applying products on the right hybrid with the right adjuvant to get that fungicide onto and into the plant.  From Answer Plot data, we know that although all corn hybrids will benefit from a fungicide application but some will benefit more to give the growers I work with a very positive ROI."

- Chad Mattes

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