2019 Fantasy Seed Team Draft

Aug 22, 2019

2019 Fantasy Seed Team Draft
Jesse Wiant: So here we go.

Stefanie W: 2019 Fantasy Seed Team Draft

Jesse Wiant: 2019 fantasy seed draft. Me and Pat Shaffer did this last year. Had a lot of fun doing it. This year, Me, pat and Brett Amberg. We're going to do it again.

Pat Schaffer: Raising the stakes.

Jesse Wiant: We're, yeah, we're raising the stakes here. So, anybody that knows, well probably all three of us that are sitting here. We like fantasy football a little bit, right? So, we decided we were going to do another, a fantasy seed team podcast for the 2019 season. So we're going to call this 2.0 here. So, again, us three will be the ones picking our corn hybrids.

Brett Amberg: You look kind of nervous, Jesse.

Jesse Wiant:  Oh, I'm not, I'm not.

Brett Amberg: You sure?

Jesse Wiant: I'm good. I'm good. I'm just excited.

Brett Amberg:  Pat how about you down there?

Pat Schaffer:  I'm doing good. I'm just curious on which one of our teams that have won last year. We should've kept track of it.

Jesse Wiant: Yeah, we should have. We'll have to go back and re listen.

Stefanie W: Alright. So for the first pick of the 2019 fantasy seed team is Jesse Wiant.

Jesse Wiant: I swear this is not rigged, we used a computer generator that just was more generous towards me, I guess.

Brett Amberg: You need the help.

Jesse Wiant: Yeah. Ah, so I'm going to throw a curve ball here, go a little different route than what most people would maybe, draft if we were actually doing a fantasy football team. And I'm going to take 41-88 off the board. So 41-88 to me is, just like Patrick Mahomes. Our Croplan rep, Jason Nelson, refers to this one as our career builder. Essentially what's meant by that, this is one of those hybrids that doesn't come around very often where you can just kind of plant it and forget it, doesn't necessarily respond to management, but if you do manage it different than just planting and forgetting it, that thing is gonna hum. It's gonna be one of the top ones, in that maturity group. So, I look at that as Patrick Mahomes type hybrid where, he doesn't necessarily need a lot of coaching. He's kind of a gunslinger. Like the old Mr Brett Farve was, but yet every time after the chief's offence is off the field, him and Andy Reed sit on the bench and discuss what he saw. So that's how I look at that one.

Stefanie W:  Pick two is Brett Amberg.

Brett Amberg: Yeah, you kind of threw a curve ball there. With the second pick here, I'm going to take a 55-53 dekalb product. I guess it's a strong disease shield product kind of goes anywhere. Top end yield potential there. Doesn't need a lot of management and I'm going to compare that to Saquon Barkley, Big Play. There's not really a single defense that can stop him which, there's not really, I guess a field or a soil type or you don't have to put it on your most productive. I'm just going to go anywhere and you're going to see the benefit.

Jesse Wiant: Yeah. I guess, one thing I would add there too, Barkley's kind of on his own team, right? I mean, the way he played last year versus, what he's got to help around him. I think that's a great correlation to 55-53 like you say, it doesn't matter where you put it, it's gonna succeed.

Brett Amberg: Exactly.

Stefanie W: Alright, then pick three is Pat Shaffer.

Pat Schaffer: Alrighty. I got two good hybrids that I've been debating between right here, but I think I'm going to go with 54-38 from Dekalb. I kind of correlate this hybrid a lot with Christian McCaffrey from the Carolina Panthers. Kind of, kind of a do it all. You can kind of planted and can forget about it. Kind of the same thing with Christian McCaffrey. You can put him in your lineup. Week one, you can kind of forget them there. Kill the weeds and you're just going to do well all season with it and it's gonna lead the league probably or be close to the top of the league and points at the end of the year. Same with bushels.

Jesse Wiant: You would've just said, you're going to relate it to Christian McCaffrey because it's do it all and then stop talking. I think we would understand because that for sure is, I mean every year is the same. Towards the top of the top of the food chain from yield standpoint. So I think that's a good thing.

Brett Amberg:  There's really no flaw. 54-38 like I said, it goes anywhere. And Christian McCaffrey, I don't think there's really a flaw in his game. You can run it, you can catch it, you can throw, do it all.

Stefanie W: Round two Pat, you're up again.

Pat Schaffer: I actually kind of forgot that I got back to back picks right here. Kind of bods well for me. So for my next pick, 51-38, big play potential. If you put it on good acre, it's going to do very well for you. And I think with the two hybrids that I have right now, I think that my farm's going to be set up very well. Just like my fantasy team. Two really, really good running backs. Big play potential, put it on good acre. If you put this on tile, you're not going to be disappointed. I think that kind of relates with New Orleans saints. Great system there. They call good plays for him. So that's my pick. 51-38. Alvin Kamara,

Jesse Wiant:  Makes sense. A lot of times he's always one block or one step away from busting a big play and 51-38 when it's managed, it's a big play potential for bushels.

Brett Amberg: Exactly.

Pat Schaffer: Kind of bet you guys are getting a little scared of my team now, Huh?

Jesse Wiant: Not really. We got some more tricks up our sleeves.

Stefanie W: Alright, round two, pick two is Brett Amberg.

Jesse Wiant:  Are you sure? That's the one you're going to take that guy?

Brett Amberg: So, my next hybrid off the board is going to be 58-34. I guess I like that it's a 108 day product. There's a lot of room there for yield potential. Again, it's another disease shield product so, it's not real high management. The response to scores aren't real high. Although, if the year is set up pretty good it doesn't hurt. I'm going to relate that to Julio Jones. he's kind of consistent. He's always in the lineup. Never really hurt. You never have to worry about him. He always produces. Except maybe touchdowns, but 1600 yards a season, I'll take that.

Jesse Wiant: Yeah, that's a good correlation for sure.

Brett Amberg:  So 58-34 and 55-53.

Jesse Wiant: It's a good start. Not too bad. Good start.

Stefanie W:  Round two, pick three Jesse.

Jesse Wiant: So I'm going to go Dekalb 49-44, so that hybrid to me is going to be a lot like Devani Adams, right? So, Jalen Ramsey was interviewed, so was Josh Norman to two of the better cornerbacks in the league. They both said that Devani Adams has the best move off the line. So when I think about 49-44, it's going to be a brand new product, for Dekalb. It's excellent coming up out of the ground with great seedling vigor. So I relate that to Adams move off the line. Again, it's new, but yet, I look at that as okay, Devani Adams, his game's not new, but he's in the new system this year as well with new coach, whole new scheme. So I guess I'm going 49-44. They're a quick up out of the ground. very good disease tolerance. That's where we're going there.

Stefanie W: Round three is Jesse.

Jesse Wiant: You gotta love that end of the draft, get that turn.

Brett Amberg:  Back to back.

Jesse Wiant: Alright, so we got 41-88 from Croplan. We've got 49-44, from the Dekalb lineup. I think I'm going to take another Croplan number here and go with Joe Mixon, go with 39-09 Croplan number. So reason, I guess I can correlate those two together. Joel Mixon's a very fast guy. He's got good speed, finds a hole real quick. 39-09, super fast out of the ground and it's good on its own. So if you think about how the Bangles are going to be starting the season off without AJ Green, Mixon is going to be good still, right? He's good on his own. 39-09, you can plant it and forget it. It's going to be one of your better yielders. Put a fungicide on, later in the season, just like when AJ Green is going to come back later in the season. It's going to be able to spread the defense out a little bit. They're going to be able to run the ball more consistently, probably more better with Joe Mixon then, you spread that fungicide on 39-09, huge response and that's been one of the highest responding hybrids over the last three, four years in the answer plot just on fungicide alone. So again, just like Joel Mixon good on his own, but as soon as AJ Green comes back and is fully healthy. Watch out.

Pat Schaffer: Oh yeah, that's a great analogy. I mean that product is quick out of gates, he's going to start the season off good. But I like that fungicide when AJ Green gets back, I think it's going to be scary.

Stefanie W: Round three pick two, Brett.

Brett Amberg: So to be honest guys, I'm kind of surprised this hybrid still on the board. I'm going to have to go with Croplan 42-03, a nice 102 day product, a high risk, high reward. You need a management, needs nitrogen, needs fungicide, maybe plan on side dressing, but if you do all those things right, you're going to hit it out of the park. So, I guess I'm gonna relate that to Ezecial Elliot. Right now, no one really knows what he's doing. Is he going to play? Is he not gonna play a pretty risky. So, you kinda gotta manage the rest of your lineup around that. And I think with my other two hybrids, I've got that down pretty well. So this is going to be my home run hitter and it is a third round and Zeke is still there.

Jesse Wiant: But I have one question.

Brett Amberg: Yep.

Jesse Wiant:  Zeke who?

Brett Amberg: Easy Jerry Jones.

Jesse Wiant: Yeah, yeah. No, that's excellent, excellent pick. Like you say, high risk, high reward. it's not that, that's a bad hybrid by any means, 42-03 from Croplan. It looks phenomenal this year with management. It's going to be a race horse type hybrid, but it's going to be managed. And I think you're spot on there with Elliot.

Stefanie W: Alright, last pick of round three is Pat.

Jesse Wiant: Here we go. Bring it on.

Pat Schaffer:  Alright, here we go. I pick two running backs here right away. So I'm going to go with a little bit more steady, wide receiver, 51-46 from Croplan. I relate this a lot with Michael Thomas. This product is consistent every single year. We walked through the plots, it's planted, it's so even, everything is so similar from plant to plant. I just think that's very similar to Michael Thomas. He's gonna show up. He doesn't need good management. He's going to show up. He's going to get your points every week, and he's going to stay healthy. So I think that's gonna be my third pick. 51-46 from Croplan.

Brett Amberg:  I like it.

Jesse Wiant: Makes a lot of sense. He's not really necessarily the home run hitter type guy, but when you catch over a hundred passes, you know almost every year.

Pat Schaffer:  Absolutely.

Brett Amberg: Week in, week out. Year in, year out.

Pat Schaffer: And he shows up, not like Zeke.

Jesse Wiant: Yeah, good point. Good point. Will be a week one player as of today, right?

Brett Amberg: Yeah.

Stefanie W:  Last round, round four start with Pat.

Pat Schaffer: Alright, for my last pick, I think I'm going to go with the quarterback. I'm going to go with 47-54 from Dekalb. I relate this a lot to Carson Wentz.

Brett Amberg: Ooh, so why you giving me jabs about Zeke not playing, when's the last time Carson finished a full season?

Pat Schaffer: Yeah, you do have a point there. You do have a point there, but that is why I'm kind of relating this a little bit to 47-54. Wentz is a young player, 47-54 is a brand new product. It's done very, very well in all the trials we've had. It's been top of the trials in a lot of them actually, however it needs some management. It needs a late season fungicide. It's gonna do very, very well protecting those late season bushels. Just like Wentz, starts the season out very good in the MVP discussion, I can't remember which year it was, but two years ago, but then he blew out his knee. So that's why I need that late season fungicide. But just a high yielder very new product. I can't go wrong with it right now. Carson Wentz.

Jesse Wiant: Hey at least he'll be there week one.

Brett Amberg: Hey, it's all been how you finish.

Jesse Wiant:  That's a good correlation there. I think you're spot on. It's new, Wentz is young, pretty sure Wentz went to the same schools as you, if I'm not mistaken. So I wonder if there's little collusion going on.

Pat Schaffer: Gotta throw some love to North Dakota State University. Go Bison.

Jesse Wiant: So I think that makes sense. So a young player, newer hybrid, needs some protection.

Stefanie W: Round four, pick two, back to Brett.

Brett Amberg: So I've got my 108 day hybrid, got my 105 and I got my 102 so I'm going to go with something a little earlier. I'm going to go with Croplan 38-99. I think that's a hybrid you can't go wrong with. It's not flashy, It's not maybe the first hybrid that comes to your mind when you're thinking about it, but it's consistent. You don't need to manage it, but if you do, you're going to see the benefits. And, the guy that I'm gonna relate that to is my boy Adam Thielen. Easily every week he grabs his lunch pail and goes to work and you're never really disappointed with what he does, making plays.

Pat Schaffer: Detroit Lake native.

Jesse Wiant: If I remember right towards the end of last season there, pretty sure him and his quarterback were caught on camera, like having a little breakdown on the sideline. You got confidence in that?

Brett Amberg:  All day, every day.

Pat Schaffer: That doesn't boil over into the field though. That's just sidelines building.

Jesse Wiant: Yeah. Team building experience, sure.

Brett Amberg: Just talking it out.

Jesse Wiant: That makes sense though. Like you say, not flashy, but consistently good. Good product.

Pat Schaffer:  Like I said, 38-99 a little bit earlier, might be the first hybrid out there, starting in on the year and you're not giving up bushels really to do it.

Jesse Wiant: All right, bring it on.

Stefanie W: Last pick, Jesse. Round four, pick three.

Jesse Wiant:  Well, so we started off with a Patrick Mahomes pick of a Croplan 41-88. Then I believe we went, Joel Mixon Croplan 39-09. Then Devani Adams was still on the board, so grabbed him 49-44 from Dekalb. I got another shocker here a little bit for ya, go a little different route again. I know I already got that QB, but you know, one hybrid that's really intriguing for this next year, 54-64 from Dekalb, right? So 54-38. Who did we, who do we have there? CMC, Christian McCaffrey. 54-38,That thing's gone, Chris McCaffrey, take the bench buddy cause we got something new here, right? Brand new 104 day hybrid. It's gonna walk all over 54-38. What do you got?

Pat Schaffer: That's bold, that's very bold.

Jesse Wiant:  It's really bold. But 54-64 from the Dekalb, it's short statured, it's going to be stable across all different kinds of yield environments, very good ear flex, very good disease package. Plus it out yields 54-38 last year by eight bushels. Christian McCaffrey, you're on the bench. We're bringing in the big hitter. He's a little guy, big hitter, Kyler Murray. Kyler Murray is 54-64. Again, shorter, new, exciting. Everybody that's been around that the team has something good to say about him. Obviously, preseason doesn't tell the whole story. The playbook wasn't wide open, but week one of the preseason for a rookie coming in. He looked pretty darn good. So that's where I'm in this draft, boys.

Pat Schaffer:  That will be very exciting. I think a lot of potential come in there and we'll see that it does very well late season.

Brett Amberg: Yeah, that should be an exciting one to watch. We don't really know much about it, but as we go through this year, it'll be fun to watch it grow and see what it's all about.

Jesse Wiant: So, gentlemen, let's bust through, run down through your teams real quick on what's your hybrids are and correlated correlation. Don't have to go into details, just sum it up with the top 12 hybrids for the 2020 season. So You want me to start? All right. So I got 39-09 from Croplan , correlation to Joel Mixon. Patrick Mahomes 41-88 from Croplan. Devani Adams 49-44 from Dekalb and ended with 54-64 from Dekalb with Kyler Murray.

Brett Amberg:  Not too bad.

Jesse Wiant: Oh, solid starts.

Brett Amberg: Until you, put it up against my team.

Jesse Wiant: Hopefully it's a two QB league.

Brett Amberg:  If not, better luck next year. So, I'll start at the top of mine. I had 58-30 for my 108 day product, late season disease shield product. I had a Dekalb's 55-53, 105 day product, also disease shield. And then I switched over to Croplan, I went 42-03. It's got high risk, high reward. If you manage it, you're not going to be disappointed. and then for my last one I had 38-99, a 98 day product from Croplan as well.

Jesse Wiant: Solid. Yep. Solid.

Brett Amberg: I know. I'm feeling pretty good. All those guys pretty consistent.

Jesse Wiant: Hybrid's too.

Brett Amberg:  Yup.

Pat Schaffer: Alright, I guess you saved the best for last, right? So I'll go through my team first pick. I did Alvin Kamara related that to 51-38 from Dekalb, really solid product. Second round, 54-38 from Dekalb as well. 104 day product. Christian McCaffrey. A third pick, 51-46 from Croplan solid product, Michael Thomas can see a lot of similarities there. And then to round it out at QB, Carson Wentz, 47-54 from Dekalb.

Jesse Wiant: So do you have a backup plan there for?

Pat Schaffer: Not gonna need one this year? We're good. Healthier, late season fungicide.

Brett Amberg:  Five shots of fungicide.

Jesse Wiant: Yeah. Yeah. So in all seriousness, like I said that at the start, we all like fantasy football. We couldn't think of a better way to introduce some of the new hybrids and some of the old, stable hybrids, that we're going to be looking at for the 2020 planting season. I guess one last thing, if there's any listeners out here that would like to join us in a United Insight fantasy football league, please get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can try to formulate something and get something in the works. So I appreciate the listen and gentlemen, I had fun.

Brett Amberg: So did I.

Pat Schaffer: It was a great time.

Brett Amberg: Especially with Draft season amongst us here. It was perfect, not a better time to do this.
Jesse Wiant: And we had a great host to sound off, all of our draft picks. So thank you, Stef, for participating and entertaining the idea as well. So again, if you'd like to get your name in the hat to join a fantasy football league with us, please reach out.

Stefanie W: The details will be in the show notes below.

Jesse Wiant: Perfect. There you go. So, reach out. We appreciate it. Have a good day. See ya.

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